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    Weld Bead between faces of the same part

    Fidjis Ijfdijsf

      Hello. So here's my problem. Im modeling a 70mm x 70mm square tube. In reality this tube is made by "folding" a sheet of metal. To make it faster in solidworks I draw the profile of this part and extrude it. Now, the way this part is made in real life, one of the faces of the tube is cutted in half in the lenght of the tube (I hope this is clear) so we weld it.

      Now, when I want to insert a weld bead in the part in solidworks to display this in an assembly, it doesn't let me do it.

      I'm guessing you can't weld two faces of the same part, but I'm not sure.

      Is this the problem?

      Thanks in advance for the answers.

      If needed Ill upload a drawing of this part so you can understand me better.