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There is an apology due here!

Question asked by Vagulus Dagg on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Vagulus Dagg

To those people who have followed my plaintive pleas for assistance with bonding and meshing in simulation, and more especially to those gallant souls who have striven to provide assistance, there is a profound apology due.


I have consistently bewailed problems with bonding of members in a weldment.  In my current project, with all I have learnt about the subject over the past few weeks of reading, videos, and pleas to this forum, I still get problems when I am working with the Student Version of SWX 2014-2015.  Consider this:


Note the two Olive Drab balls in the lower right of the structure.  Note also that I have tried to cover for any joining disparity by selecting Less Than in Edit Joints.  Things in tests go haywire if these persist.  However, if I take the same file to School and run the SWX Education Version there is no problem.


I just use a simple edit, and the tests run like clockwork.


It would seem that the Student Version is detuned to the point of being ineffective.  This sort of result (from the Student Version on my computer at home) left me with successive days of screaming frustration.  No doubt the people who tried to help me were puzzled as to why they had no problems while I did.


I am most regretful that this has happened.  I am sure that an apology is due.  I am equally sure that the apology is not due from me - rather that it is due to me, to the countless other students who are no doubt equally frustrated, and to the folk who give their time trying to help.


Sadly, I must add that I have no intention of holding my breath while I wait for that apology.