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    Change drawing number in title block

    Sahajkumar Panchal


      We have number of components in an assembly some of them varies - feature-wise and dimension-wise. Now we have created configurations for these variations, as it is obvious.

      The components which vary have a suffix '_V' at the end of file name where 'V' can be a number. We want this to be reflected in a drawing title block. But to make things a little bit twisted, my superiors want it to be displayed as '/V', e.g., a file name is 98764.1234_V, the title block should show 98764.1234/V!!

      Now I have modified the template to facilitate this and added a custom property by linking it in the title block. So now I have two drawing templates - one for components with variations, one for without. But is there any easier option so that I can use only one template for both components, one those have variations and one those don't?



      P.S.: Remember it's not that easy, and almost impossible, to modify the structure of a title block in an industry!