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Attributes export to DWG

Discussion created by Roy Potter on Jul 6, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2007 by Carabus Cornel
one of my clients requires dwg files which have attributes in theborder.
They supplied the border and I set up a slddrw template.
When I export the file the attributes seem to have a mind of theirown relating to line weight & colour.
This causes my client problems when printing as the text is sofeint you can not read it.

Text follows the rules of bylayer or specific  colour, I cannot get the same rule from attributes.
I know there is an spr about editing blocks - attributes do notupdate there properties (e.i.) font won't change after exiting editblock) but....

can anyone offer relevant advice on how to export attributes sothat they have colour bylayer and a line weight bylayer?