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    Attributes export to DWG

    Roy Potter
      one of my clients requires dwg files which have attributes in theborder.
      They supplied the border and I set up a slddrw template.
      When I export the file the attributes seem to have a mind of theirown relating to line weight & colour.
      This causes my client problems when printing as the text is sofeint you can not read it.

      Text follows the rules of bylayer or specific  colour, I cannot get the same rule from attributes.
      I know there is an spr about editing blocks - attributes do notupdate there properties (e.i.) font won't change after exiting editblock) but....

      can anyone offer relevant advice on how to export attributes sothat they have colour bylayer and a line weight bylayer?  
        • Attributes export to DWG
          Carabus Cornel
          Hi Roy.

          I try to export into dwg a block with attributes. There is what I got: in model space I find a block without attributes (named sw_note_o) . I find a second block (my block, named observatii) with attributes but this block is not inserted into model space
          I need in model space this last block with attributes because I put into PDMWorks this dwg and this attributes fill some properties mapped in PDM.

            • Attributes export to DWG
              Carabus Cornel
              Hi Roy again.

              I work around and I find solution for my problem.
              First, I create a drawing template (CAM.SLDDRW) and in this drawing I make a block with 5 attributes and 6 notes.
              To export correct this attributes I uncheck read only option in all attributes. The color I set to all attributes is red. I can control the colors and line style (but not lineweight) with mapfile before export to dwg.
              Maybe this answer help you.