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Part cannot move freely along Y axle

Question asked by Aurora Martin on Jun 22, 2015
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Hello all,


This is the first thread that I write and hopefully my question is formulated clearly enough.


We have just installed SW 2014 in my machine and all the default configuration has been set (I used SW 2012 before). My problem is, when I open any part, and try to view it from its different angles with the mouse, moving it (using the central button of the mouse), it moves freely along axles X and Z, not along Y though. On axle Y, it only allows me to move it up to 180 degrees, pointing upwards. Attached two pictures with the limit positions.


Probably is a really small detail to change regarding configuration, but maybe someone has came across this problem before and could help me out.


Thank you very much in advance, kind regards,


Aurora M.