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Moving files to EPDM

Question asked by Wayne Easton on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2015 by Mandar Parkhi

Hi there,


We are in the process of implementing EPDM. One of the big challenges which I know has been discussed on this forum is the issue of moving legacy data into EPDM. I have a theory which I want to pass by all you pros to determine whether I would just be wasting my time.


From what I understand, if an assembly is opened and the file references are "broken" Solidworks first searches for the "missing" files in the same folder which the assembly is stored.


If this is indeed the case. My thought is why not copy / move all the assemblies, parts, drawings, etc from the existing folders on our old server into one "LEGACY" folder on the new server. Even though this will most likely result in broken files links, we should be able to easily fix them by simply opening and saving the assembly files as ALL cad data is in the same folder.


Once this has been done, we can then restructure the data into the folders we want for the new EPDM.


Could this work? Are there any other complications this will cause which I have not considered?


Thanks for your input.