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Complex parting line draft for casting/molding

Question asked by Scott Heines on Jun 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by LIN SHAODUN

I'm modeling a small part for die casting that has a stepped parting line, simplified in the pictures below and files attached. The parting line cuts through the axis of a boss, as shown below. The red surface is the tooling parting line.




I was able to make the boss draft up to the surface to match the parting line, but I had to do it pretty manually. I sketched the boss with the draft added into the sketch, then split the solid body with the parting surface to make each half of the boss, then combined them together again afterwards. I am wondering if there is a better, easier way to do this type of draft.


I am new to Solidworks but have several years of Catia experience. In Catia, this type of draft is pretty simple with a function called "Draft Reflect Line" where you could just choose the draft angle, direction of pull, and the surface to draft up to and it would do the rest for you. Does Solidworks have a similar command?


Brand new to the forums, so my apologies for errors with the files.