SPRs Getting FIxed?

Discussion created by 1-6XI2BX on Jul 6, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2007 by Brian Hoerner
I was just wondering if the average SW user is also experiencing"zero service" with respect to their service packrequests?  We have about 7 major problems (not just randombugs, but problems that are repeatable on every part / drawing)that have been reported and never fixed or even acknowledged by SWin a period of a year.  What does our "subscription"fee go towards?

Our subscription fees (8 of them) should at least beenough to support a software engineer for a month or 3 tofocus only on OUR problems.  Our VAR is about worthless to us(mostly advanced users) except for reporting bugs, so what do weget in return for our money each year?

Have you had the same experience and if you ever had a SPR"fixed" how long did it take?