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Scan to 3D Surface vanishing and not thickening

Question asked by Brad Johnson on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by Paul Salvador

Hi All,


I have been struggling with converting a mesh surface into a 3D geometry for the last few week. Today, I learned about Solidwork's "Scan to 3D" add in. The surface I am working with is very organic and is functionally generated in a program called MathMOD or k3dsurf as an .obj. Because of it's organic nature, it really doesn't work well with using the manual surface wizard option. With the automatic surface wizard and a little bit of realignment, it produces a very clean looking surface. Once the surface finalizes, it becomes "transparent" and consists of a bunch of segmented boxes. I cannot thicken it as intended, nor can I figure out why it breaks down like this. Has anyone come across this or knows why it isn't working?


I've attached the object file and the resulting solidworks part. Thank you in advance!