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Ran UpdateBrowserData.exe to correct Toolbox errors, now loading times are insanely long

Question asked by Charles Allie on Jun 19, 2015

*This issue stems from an older problem I had. My first problem was with the toolbox components in a Pack and Go.


[Background information]

     I would create a Pack and Go of an assembly (including/excluding toolbox components, didn't do any difference) and then close SolidWorks and test the assembly to see if everything was alright. I would open the newly created assembly and SolidWorks would say that it was creating missing toolbox components (even though they obviously already existed, since I had just used the original assembly on my computer), and then when it would finally open the assembly, all the "newly created missing toolbox components" would be suppressed.


     Note: Not all the toolbox components would be suppressed, I do not know how SolidWorks would choose which ones were "missing", but those must have been the ones that were suppressed. In any case, there was a very large number of toolbox components that were suppressed.


     To get around manually selecting every fastener in every different sub-assembly, I would Edit/Unsuppress with Dependents the entire assembly, and this would work for simpler assemblies, but if I have assemblies with suppressed parts and multiple configurations, this just makes the problem worse. The parts which are supposed to be suppressed are now unsuppressed, and so I must then go through all the mate conflicts and suppress every piece which is supposed to be suppressed. This takes more time then going through unsuppressing all the suppressed toolbox components.


     I am now running SolidWorks 2015, but I had this problem ever since I started working with SolidWorks, which was SolidWorks 2014. To correct this Pack and Go issue I found this thread: ToolBox - persistant recreation of fastener sizes , which would seem to solve my problem.


[Current problem]

     I have now run UpdateBrowserData.exe and ever since then, the loading time for opening assemblies is insanely long. The maximum time it would take me to open these assemblies was around 20 seconds, now it takes like 10 minutes. When I first opened the assembly I thought it was taking long because SolidWorks was going through all these old version components, but I then saved the assembly, closed it, and reopened it, yet it takes the same amount of time. This slowness is also apparent while I am using SolidWorks, even simply closing the assembly takes a long time. Trying to test to see if the UpdateBrowserData.exe is also an issue, since when I tried, the loading bar had stopped at a twentieth of the way, and stayed there for 10 minutes, before I just closed it.


     To get around this, I made a Pack and Go of a smaller assembly, and to my luck the UpdateBrowserData.exe did the trick. But it seems to be at the expense of actually using SolidWorks efficiently. I just made a Pack and Go of an assembly with only 673 parts and 87 assemblies, after 36 minutes it was only at 16%, it seems to stop at toolbox components. It took 45 minutes to complete the Pack and Go, whereas yesterday a Pack and Go of this assembly would take close to a minute. If there is a way to undo the update I did, that would be also good, because I would rather have my original problem.



I was finally able to open the large Pack and Go that I made, and the fasteners are still supressed. So, now I still have my old problem, and a new one.


Apologies for the wall of text, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


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