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Need help with toolbox

Question asked by Noah Thomlison on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by Noah Thomlison

Hello everyone,


I am having an issue with setting up the toolbox on my computer. It is a computer that used to be used by a different person and I am missing many of our company's toolbox parts. To resolve this I copied the folder from another computer as well as various other parts from this computers toolbox. The problem is when I place these in the folder which SolidWorks is directed to for toolbox parts the folder does not show up. All the other toolbox folders are located there ( CISC, BSI, ISO...) but the folder that I have placed does not show up in the tool box configuration. I have been able to go into the toolbox configuration and make a new folder with the proper name and then add files to it however SolidWorks only allows me to add the parts one at a time and this is more than impractical. Any idea how I can get SolidWorks to recognize the folder itself?


thanks for the help in advance