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Adding a custom database to EPDM, can it be done?

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by Jeff Thomas

This topic should start a good conversation.


We use EPDM to generate new tooling quotes and track the project through to completion. When we generate a new tooling quote with an EPDM template the user is asked to fill out the customer information.


We create quotes for the same customer over and over and it would be great if the user could select the customer from a drop down list and all the customer information would populate the data card. I have tried to do this with lists in EPDM but it gets complicated and is not any faster than inputting the information every time. Adding a customer database into EPDM seems to be the way to go but this is not something I know how to do or if it is possible. I am really good at breaking the database whenever I go poking around in it so I wont be doing that without proper instruction.


Have any of you done this before?


Thanks for the help!