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License Server and VLANS

Question asked by Sergio Salazar on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by Paul Wyndham


We recently tried to separate our network into various vlans. Our license server along with many pcs is in vlan 5 (192.168.5.X) and we moved 4 computers over to vlan 10 (192.168.10.X).

When everything is on the same vlan the program opens fine, but when I move the 4 computers to vlan 10 the solidworks initial splash screen pops up but after a couple of seconds it says not responding and closes. We move them back to vlan 5 and the program opens like normal.


The 4 computers can access everything on the server when on vlan 10 and can ping the server with <1ms. I also tried copying a large file from the desktop to the server and vice versa with the computer on both vlans and there was no noticeable difference.


Do you guys know if this is a problem with the license server or know how to solve this issue?