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How do i get part and drawing templates to update to latest automatically?

Question asked by Matthew Williquette on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by Leon Wurr

So when a part/assembly model is opened up, is there a way for it to automatically load the latest custom properties template?  We've made updates to the custom properties taskpane via Tab Builder, so now when i open a part that was last saved before the update it does not grab the latest taskpane updates.  You have to click the icon at the bottom of the taskpane that says "Click for template options" which then opens a window that ask you to pick the new template from the drop down list.  Is there a option somewhere that will do this instantly when a part is opened?


Same concept goes for drawings.  I would like the latest sheet format to load as well as the items from the taskpane (we enter data here that populates areas on the drawing sheet).

Any help/direction would be appreciated.



Thanks in advance!!