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Trying to simulate loading on simple sheet metal / gusset combination shelf - getting a failing error

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by Dave Krum

Hello.  I am trying to get some simulation results for a small shelf I'm getting built for a friend.  Its a simple metal shelf with (2) stiffeners/gussets welded to it.  I do not have alot of experience in simulation yet, although I've bought some books and am trying to learn what I can.  My issue always seems to arise from the contact set / component contact area for selection (I believe for both multibody part as well as assembly you need to set the contacts corrects?).  I've put (4) contact sets in there - (1) for each gusset face to both the underside and backside of the sheet metal plate.  Perhaps this is where I'm going wrong.  The fixed face and loading shouldn't be the issue yet after it meshes, I get a message about the simulation failing.  Any help/advice is appreciated!