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    text shifting in drawing

    Thomas Murray

      Hey guys,


      I am having an issue in SW2015 SP3 where I need to do a drawing of a electrical board, and each individual component has associated text with it. If I open the file in edrawings everything looks great and is properly positioned (image 1, right side). The left side of image 1 you can see that some texts are written on top of the components which is not correct. When I use the import wizard to 'Import to a new part'->'2D sketch' (as shown in image 2), even the preview shows that it is shifted. The other import option to 'create as new drawing', the text also becomes shifted.


      Does anyone have any idea how to stop the text from moving from the dxf to the drawing/sketch? (i.e. importing the dxf as a drawing or sketch both become shifted)


      text shifted.png







      image 1


















      image 2

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          Jamil Snead

          I ran into the same problem before but I don't remember if/how I fixed it. My first guess would be that the issue has to do with the text justification. Like the original dxf was saved with the text center justified and when it imports into SolidWorks the text defaults to left justification or something. I was goign to suggest selecting all of the text and changing the justification and see if that does anything. But then I realized if you have a way to select all of the text then you could just move it back manually.


          Another thing you could try is to open the dxf in Draftsight and if it imports properly then you could convert the text to sketch entities and save it. Then nothing should shift during import.

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            John Stoltzfus

            I always bring in the dwg or dxf in as a 3D curves or model and save it as a part and then save it as a dwg.  I know it's another step but for some reason it works better over all.

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              Thomas Murray

              Thx guys for your replies. I did manage a workaround for it. Importing into draftsight is such a huge pain because it is not very user friendly, but after a while of working it, it did end up importing it properly using this program. Importing as a 3D curve I have not tried yet, so it might also work.

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                  Peter Persson

                  Hi, i have the same problem importing DWGs and DXFs with true type fonts. How exactly did you solve it? I dont really understand "it did end up importing it properly using this program" Afre we talking about Draftsights as "this program"? IF so, how did you use it import the dwg to Solidworks?


                  I have seen text bugs where Solidworks even messes up it native text align positions on drawings like if you realigning text in left alignment to align right - the text moves further to the left... Restart SW and it works for while. I think this problem is related to that bug/odd behavior.