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text shifting in drawing

Question asked by Thomas Murray on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by Peter Persson

Hey guys,


I am having an issue in SW2015 SP3 where I need to do a drawing of a electrical board, and each individual component has associated text with it. If I open the file in edrawings everything looks great and is properly positioned (image 1, right side). The left side of image 1 you can see that some texts are written on top of the components which is not correct. When I use the import wizard to 'Import to a new part'->'2D sketch' (as shown in image 2), even the preview shows that it is shifted. The other import option to 'create as new drawing', the text also becomes shifted.


Does anyone have any idea how to stop the text from moving from the dxf to the drawing/sketch? (i.e. importing the dxf as a drawing or sketch both become shifted)


text shifted.png







image 1


















image 2