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Unlisted part?

Question asked by Benjamin Logan on Jul 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2007 by Benjamin Logan
I'm having some trouble with a BOM for an assembly I'm working on.I have a subassembly in it but for some odd reason it doesn't showup in my BOM. The PARTS of the subassembly do show up, however.
Feeling a bit lost because there are a few subassy's that need tohave their parts listed separately. I was able to assign certainparts to not appear in the BOM, and did the same with this onesubassy. The three parts that make up this delinquent are set notto appear in the BOM, I only want the subassy to appear because itsfrom a supplier, not in-house (cadregister and 3Dcontentcentralboth turned up empty looking for it).

Previously, even with the 3 parts allowed to appear in the BOM, thesubassy still was not listed. Any ideas what could be generatingthis wierd omission?

Running 2006 SP 4.1