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Solid Works to old Mastercam 9.1 ??

Question asked by Ronald Self on Jun 18, 2015
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I have solidWorks Pro 2013. I'm learning my way into it. I have completed several basic design drawing now. I've been trying to transfer the drawings into an older version I have of MasterCam 9.1.

I've found a few different ways to get the wire frame / shaded drawing onto MC9.1 but when I set up my tool paths and run it in the cnc machines..... What I see on the computer is not what I'm getting in the machine....... :-(


Can anyone tell me the best procedure to fallow for these two programs? I would like to get MC for SW but can not buy it right now.


Picture 1:

Is "back plot" using the "step" feature using the "S" key to make the process go one step at a time. You can see once it gets into the arc it starts looking like there is a bunch of short lines making up the arc. I think this it the problem but not sure how to salve it. I think it has to do with the file transfer type from SW to MC9.1


Picture 2:

This is what happened in the cnc machine when cutting...... It added an LOOP to the middle, inside part of the arc.
This was NOT part of the drawing. It was not seen in the Verify on screen or the Back Plot check on screen.


Picture 3:

This is "back Plot" feature using the "run" where it runs the entire tool path through unlike the "step" by "step"... In this feature when "run" is selected it goes through the tool path and you see a smooth tooling line in the drawing. Same geometry and same tool path but different visual outcome with the "run" vs, the "step"


I'd like to find an be able to fallow a good example of file transfer between the two programs.



Ronald Self