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Changing dimensions of part, other parts stretch to accomodate?

Question asked by W. B. D. Smith on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by Charles Allie

Hi lets say I am making a Solidworks assembly like this one:



The main plate that forms the backbone of the assembly and holds the stepper motor plate, has dimensions suited to a specific length of ballscrew, that drives the actuator up and down.


My question is, if I discover that I cannot buy the ballscrew the exact length the backbone plate is designed for, can I somehow tell Solidworks that I want the backbone plate to stretch to accomodate a different length ballscrew? My first thought would be to extend the ballscrew part by editing the sketch, then extend the backbone plate part so it fits the new ballscrew. But it occurs to me that there might be some way in Solidworks to stretch one part and have other parts stretch as well, such that the mates are still satisfied?


I hope I have made this clear enough. Thanks for any advice!