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Difficulty with creating slot paths on a sphere

Question asked by Brad Jokubaitis on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2015 by Paul Toti


I am currently working on creating a ball-joint-like mechanism that will only allow the ball to move along certain paths. The ball contained within the joint has two parallel prongs sticking out, and these are going to act as guides for the mechanism to follow. I need the holes on the outer socket shaped such that the prongs can rotate 90 degrees along an axis drawn from the center of the ball to the edge of one of the prongs, and then follow a contour to end in another plane.


For reference, the two prongs are extruded along the y axis, and are next to each other in the z axis. They need to rotate such that one prong moves 90 degrees around an axis almost parallel to the y. The second part of the motion will be to rotate about the x axis, until these prongs are extruded along the z axis and are next to each other in x. (by next to, i mean if you were to look down that axis, you would only see one prong.)


I have attached the ball and the initial design for the joint. If anyone knows how to do this, please help!!