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Scaling when saved to dxf/dwg

Question asked by Terry Kim on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by Terry Kim

I know this question has come up many times, but mine is very specific.

I am trying to save a drawing to dxf/dwg, but the scale is coming out EXACTLY THREE times larger.

So if a tank has a 10 ft diameter, the e-drawings measurement shows it as 30 ft.

I have tried all the usual methods and options (scaling, etc.), and it ALWAYS comes out to exactly three times larger.


The funny thing is - this only happens when I try to convert large layouts.

When I convert small parts, the scale is correct.


Also - this only happened after I switched to 2015. I have never had trouble with this scaling before.


Does anybody know what is going on or is having similar problems?  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.