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    Default drawing

    Jacob Petersen

      Hey guys!


      I need help with a feature about drawing. I have made a part with changes dimensions, but the overall form is the same. Therefore I have made a "Design table" with an excel document. I can adjust the specific dimensions in the document and change the part directly.
      Now, my question is, can I make a default drawing of the part, with the same dimensions put on the drawing, so that it only changes the magnitude of the dimensions, when I change something in the excel document?
      Is the question clear enough?


      - Jacob

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          Peter De Vlieger



          My guess is that your questions isn't clear.

          If you have a design table then all the different configs with different data are stored in there and there for your part will adjust to the data in your design table.


          This in turn means that your drawing will adjust to the config you have specified to be used in the drawing.


          E.G.: you make a table 1mx2mx0.7m and call it config 1 now when you add config 2 in your design table (1.5mx1.5mx0.7m) all that you have to do in your drawing is click on the views and specify that it needs to depict config 2. Any dimension you put on config 1 will auto adjust to config 2 unless there are feature that have been added or removed between the two configs.


          Have a nice one


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            Asdfa Afsdaff

            One way of doing it is to have a single part with configurations and create a drawing for each configuration.  You can create one drawing with all dimensions, then save additional copies for the other configurations under new file names.  Link each drawing to the configuration desired and adjust the locations of the dimensions, as needed.  For example, I would create a part, 2924477.sldprt with 27 configurations (-01, -02..., -27).  I would then create a drawing, 2924477-01.slddrw.  Add all notes and dimensions and save the file.  I would then save it as 2924477-02.slddrw, 2924477-03.slddrw, etc.  Open the -02 drawing and link it to the -02 configuration and make whatever adjustments are needed.  Repeat for the rest of the drawings.

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                John Stoltzfus

                Depending on the simplicity of the part - I would like to add to your comment, you could as well keep it as one file, just add tabs, then just copy sheet one and paste, change the info like you say... That way one part, even if it is different length or whatever, all is in one file, no need to open 27 drawings..


                Whatever works.....