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    Get revision in EPDM not working properly


      Dear all,


      Hi  all I have a small issue with Get version functionality in EPDM .I'm Runnig with SW 2011 SP 5.0 & EPDM 2011 SP 5.0. The problem is I have 14 versions of a drawing. If I need to view the 5th revision of the same drawing , I'll got to Action> Get version > Select the particular version and give open . So that the file will open in SolidWorks with the selected version. This is what happening in my colleague machine. But if I try to open the same,I'm getting the latest version always. I even tried to login with Admin Id, but same result. Now i have got struck. The option "Always Use latest version "is also unchecked . Kindly help me to resolve this issue. Thanks in Advance !!!!