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    User ID not working with ePDM api log in

    Danny Bradford


      We have a user id which functions fine when logging in with Windows and then interacting with the GUI of ePDM, however when we try to log in to a vault programmatically we are getting an error stating the user id or password is invalid.


      We have racked our brains and poured over the permissions and can find nothing. The only thing I can find that is remotely odd is the user ID has a dash and underscore. (DAL-EBOM_Q)


      My Questions are these:


      Are these illegal characters which are known to prevent user ids used as batch log ins?


      Are there any settings in ePDM which could allow a user to log in with the GUI yet prevent the user from logging in programmatically?


      Any other information and / or assistance would be greatly beneficial.


      Thanks in advance for your time on this matter.