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Line styles reverting in drawings of sketches?

Question asked by Christopher Sudlik on Jun 17, 2015

Where I work we do a lot of fabric products and detailed drawings of them, with the products themselves made as a series of overlapping sketches in a solidworks part. This works pretty well, but line styles don't come through to the drawing. In the drawing you can change the line styles (both line type (dashed, dotted, phantom, solid, etc) and color), but for some reason every few minutes or every time the file is loaded it reverts back completely to a grey sketch with no line styles at all. Changing a single line style brings everything back, so the data is clearly still there, it just seems to be dicking with me. Detail drawings also show the line styles from the sketch, but the part view itself doesn't.


Any idea why this happens? How to fix it? How to preserve line styles/colors from sketch?