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    working with many faces & materials

    Rogier Van Rossen
      you can drag a window to select or you can try right click "select tangency"

      Is that what you mean?
        • working with many faces & materials
          genexxer genexxer
          I guess two thoughts...one concrete and one potential enhancement req.

          Leverage the loads from existing studies for new studies by dragging and dropping them from old to new in the gui. So just do the manual selection once and when a new study is created it just gets dropped in via mouse.

          The e-req...It seems just by leveraging the select tool from the fillet command, development could cut some effort out. For fillets, if you want to fillet every edge of a feature, just select the feature in the tree instead of selecting the geometry in the graphics window. So a cosmos equivalent of this is to select ,for example, the linear pattern feature of a holewizard hole to allow for all the faces created by the pattern to be restrained or loaded.

          This assumes that a set of features select those 100 faces.
          • working with many faces & materials
            Vince Adams
            Can you post 1-2 screen shots of this model for me?


              • working with many faces & materials
                genexxer genexxer

                and I quote "Using solid or shell meshes to model structural members can lead to an unecessarily large number of degrees of freedom. Similar to the fact that shells are the natural choice to model sheet metals, beams are the natural choice to model structural members. "

                It looks like you may have a sheetmetal weldment that would fall under the beams substituted for these facets as structural members.

                I see no planes of symmetry-to entertain the idea of cutting the problem in half or, even better, by fourths(or could a quarter model earn value?). Will the linear pattern result in a symmetrically loaded model? A few other curiousities:
                What is the structure's job?
                What motivates the split lines?
                Could the split lines be suppressed except for the ones in the areas of interest?
                sheetmetal? nonmetal?
                Are all of these faces areas of stress interest?
                Are they all loaded?
                Do they all have the same material properties?