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Patent art - creating dashed lines from wireframe model?

Question asked by Daniel Liguori on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by Brian Titus


I do a bit of CAD/CAM for machining but recently a friend asked me to do the drawings for his patent application.  In the drawing I need to make one part 'dashed' to indicate it is not part of the invention but rather is an object used WITH the invention.  In other words, he's patenting a VHF radio holder (belt attached holster) and to make it clear in the drawings I'm including the radio placed in the holster, however he's not patenting the radio so I need to make those lines in the 3D part 'dashed' to indicate it's not part of the invention.  Well, I figured out how to make a line dashed but that doesn't apply to an extruded 3d part since the base geometry isn't what is visible in the model once turned 3d (extruded/revolved/etc).  I'm up against a deadline and have read through just about every help menu in solidworks but can't find the answer and now I have just a few hours to get this done before a meeting with the patent attorney tomorrow morning.  Is anyone familiar with how to do this?  Dashed lines in patent drawings are very common so I assume it's possible in SolidWorks, so if anyone could help I'd be very grateful!  Thank you in advanced!