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DimXpert SW2015  - random appearance, positioning

Question asked by Shannon Scott on Jun 16, 2015

anybody else finding any funkness with the DimXpert generated data when placing them on a drawing view? It was behaving very oddly with my 2015 SP2; just bumped to SP3 and it doesnt seem to be any better.


Example: import a view into a sheet. Dimension a feature (manually) and suddenly a random DimXpert spec value will pop up (in purple) but none of the other DimXpert data displays.

Cant move the purple value  ==>> frustration!!!! De Selecting the "Import annotations" removes the specs but I'm still a little concerned about its behavior


Also I'm not able to move the spec on the drawing. Thot it used to be "handle-able" but now I'm not able to move the spec (when it decides to appear.) All DimXpert data was added using DimXpert Manager (at part level) but i really dont want to display it for this particular part.


Any suggestions?