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Question asked by Krol Julian on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by Asdfa Afsdaff

hi to all,


When we get a new task, we sign our drawings with A.

Then our documents are going through different stages up to last D.

Is there any smart, easy and not consuming time to change the mark on all drawings from A to D.

For example.

New task: draw a bush.

On stage A bush has got height 300mm. Drawings are marked with A.

On stage B no changes. So there is a need to change in all drw just a mark stage A to stage B.

Then change from B to C. At the end, from C to D.

If there is a one drw it is easy to change a revision mark in part settings.

While we got one hundred parts it is just pain in the … to change all description in all parts settings through all stages.


I was thinking about function “pack and go” to transport all files to new folder with new ending in a name of a part.