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Preload a Joint (as though a bolt)?

Question asked by John Willett on Jun 16, 2015
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Another ignorant question:


I have a round rod with a flat and a smaller round projection on one end (like a bolt).  At the moment I'm inserting it into an equal-diameter hole in a flat surface and using bonded contact between the projection an the hole to simulate a threaded joint (see sketch).  But since it's really screwed in and tightened, I want a preload between the flat surfaces.  Is there a simple way to achieve this?

Simulated Bolt.png

SolidWorks Help says, "You can also define a bolt by selecting entities of the same component," but it doesn't say how.


It also says, "You can assign mate properties for use in SOLIDWORKS Motion and SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis."  Under Mate Property Manager/Analysis Tab/Bushing/Translational/Force, "Enter the preload applied."  I've tried this with a coincident mate between the two flats, but it doesn't seem to result in a preloaded joint in a simulation.


How should be done? -- John Willett