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Interference detection in configuration

Question asked by Marc-Xavier Bilodeau on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by Jamil Snead

I'll try to be brief and clear.


I have a combination set of "keys" I want to test out. I want to make sure I only have one single working "key" for one single "cadena".


Here's out it works, I have multiple male keys with teeth configuration driven by a familly. I also have multiple female cadena with teeth's holes configuration driven by the same familly. So each male fits a female.


At first it was suppose to be a very simple combination set, but over the years, it turn out we ran out of possible combination, and had to sightly modify the key design so we can create new combination.


Now the thing is that it's quiet a challenge to make sure that none of the new keys will unlock any old cadena, and vice versa.




Good! Now how do I do that? I was wondering if I could use interference detection. The idea is to validate that only each for each key, it has interferences with every cadena but one!


For instance (Solidworks is in french but you'll get the idea):


Key in conf. 1 / Cadena in conf. 1:

No interference:


Key in conf. 1 / Cadena in conf. 2:

Does have interference:


Key in conf. 1 / Cadena in conf. 3:

Also have interference...and so on with all my configurations.


Same thing with key in conf. 2, 3,4, etc.


If ever I have A key that fits (have no interference) with more than one cadena, then I know this configuration can't be use!




So! Is there a way to do that, with a report at the end or something like that.


Or if anybody have a other solution, I'm alos open to new idea!