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find the force that apply by water drag

Question asked by Sharon It on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Dustin Perreault

I've make a probe that going to mount on the back of a boat. this probe has angle compensate mechanism that work with fast actuator.


I want to run the an analysis on the part to see what size of an actuator I need based on the force that apply be the water drag (the boat move forward all the time and the actuator need to keep the probe vertical all the time and resist to the water drag.


the speed of the boat is up to 65 km/ h

I know how the basic analysis work with the fixture and force, but here I want to measure the force after the axis, so there is a way to do it? and how i can get the water drag?


It was much easy if it was like a seesaw, but here on one side of the seesaw I need to create some how the force that apply by speed inside the water.


I've attached simplified model of it.