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How to find force required to deform elastomeric ring/donut of material a given distance?

Question asked by Robert Conklin on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by Andrei Popov

I would like actually like to know what durometer of say polyurethane I need to deflect/move the green inner ring about .060” with the brown outer ring stationary.  With a given force of say 20 pounds on the green ring.
Given the following configuration of parts: (see attached JPGs)

Brown steel ID of 1.125”,

Green steel OD of .750”  both about .312” thick.  Deflection about .060” of the green.

Yellow the elastomeric material, say polyurethane.
The overall thickness can be different to accommodate the end results desired.
I just am not sure if Solidworks can do this for me?

Running SW Pro 2014 SP5



01 top view elastic ring.JPG


02 section at rest elastic ring.JPG03 section deformed elastic ring.JPG04 section deformed elastic ring.JPG