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Global variables with units: strange behavior

Discussion created by Nikita Perestoronin on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by Deepak Gupta

I've tried to add some global variables with dimensional values and noticed a lot of strange things in SolidWorks behavior.


"x" = 1deg

"x2" = "x"

x2 evaluates to 1mm. Why degrees become millimeters?


"x" = 1deg

"x3" = "D1@Sketch2"

"x2" = "x"

x2 evaluates to 1deg. I've just inserted another global variable which isn't related to "x" and "x2" and now it preserves units correctly.


"x" = cos(1deg)

x evaluates to 0.999mm. Cosine is non-dimensional, isn't it?


"x" = 1deg

"x2" = cos("x")

x evaluates to 0.999. So, if argument is another variable, behavior changes.


"x" = tan(1deg)

x evaluates to 0.017mm.

"x" = tan(1deg) * 10

x evaluates to 0.17. Where are millimeters?

"x" = 0.017mm * 10

x evaluates to 0.17mm. So, the matter is not in multiplication.


It's not a full list, it seems that this functionality is completely broken. I use SolidWorks 2014 x64 SP3.0.