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    Why does my "Contains" tab for a part have drawings in it?

    Michael Cairns

      All of my basic standard library parts - in the "Contains" tab, they're showing a lot of drawings in a blue font. Can anyone tell me:

      1- What the font being blue means?

      2- Why are drawings showing as being contained in a part?

      It's a major problem because any time I try to move a state on an assembly containing any library part, it tries to move thousands of different files all linked through the library parts. Many aren't in the correct state to be moved, so it just throws an error, which is a minor annoyance. Sometimes, however, the files are in the right state and we're moving multiple projects through workflows when they shouldn't be moved all because they both reference the same standard part.

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          Charley Saint

          Hey Michael,


          The blue font indicates that the file is a sub-parent. These are parent files that are treated like children for reference dialogs like check-out or change state. Drawings are setup by default to behave this way, and the settings are per-file type not per-folder so if you change it for parts it affects all parts and you probably shouldn't (I can't imagine a time this would be a good idea). If you did want to change it the setting is in the administration tool under file types, just pick sldprt and remove the slddrw extension from the drawing nodes box:



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            Jim Stone



            For the state change file selection, you probably want to check this setting for your users -

            6-16-2015 4-13-47 PM.jpg


            We initially had it unchecked and had the same problem with changing state on files unintentionally. We found it to be much cleaner this way, though you have to manually select all files that you want to change state on. All of our drawings and their supporting model files begin with their part number/drawing number. If there are only a couple of files, you just select them manually before hitting Change State and they'll already be selected.


            If they're in a big assembly with a gazillion files, right click in the transition window where you normally select the files to change state, and click on Select Files...

            In the next window, enter that common base number, leaving the *.* that's already there.


            6-16-2015 4-22-36 PM.jpg 6-16-2015 4-32-33 PM.jpg

            All files starting with that base number will be highlighted in blue. Click on the selection box for one of them and they will all be selected.

            6-16-2015 4-33-02 PM.jpg


            I then like to scroll through and make sure all of those blue files are actually selected. Sometimes the person before me in the workflow didn't do this correctly and one or two of the files that should be selected say they're in the wrong state, calling for a little correction before moving forward.