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How to draw intersecction points between spiral and lines

Question asked by Pacofly Pc on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by Pacofly Pc

I have a big problem here. I need to extrude a wafer with a LOT of holes. Those holes' patron are the interseccions between an spiral with various radius from the center of the spiral. I know how to draw the spiral (with my starting point, step, number of laps, etc) and obviously i know hoy to make the lines. Now i need 2 things that are imposible for me:


1.- Get the intersection points between spiral and radius/radiums

2.- Draw a circle in EVERY point generated in point 1.


The thing is that there would be about 10K circles. Its a rather though operation to do "manually" XD. If anyone can help me (doing it in other CAD program maybe) i would appreciate it a lot.


PD: Sorry for my english level, i'm not native.