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Sheet Metal Flange Library Feature

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by Dennis Bacon

I'm trying to create the following sheet metal flange geometry as a feature that I can add to a sheet metal part. Inserted on an edge.

Essentially, I started with a base flange that represents the edge reference I would insert the feature on. Then the library feature would include Edge-Flange1 through LPattern2. I added a few equations to determine the amount of holes to pattern depended on the edge length, (called wall length).

  • "Wall Length" = "Wall Length Ref@Sketch16"
  • "Pattern Spacing" = = .3
  • "Pattern Number" = = int ( ( "Wall Length" / "Pattern Spacing" ) / 2 )

The pattern is two directions hence the last /2.

"Wall Length Ref@Sketch16" is a driven dim included in Edge-Flange1 to reference the wall length that the feature is inserted on.


When I try to create the library feature it gives me the following warning:


Does this mean that I can't make a library feature out of sheet metal features? Or am I just missing something?