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Trouble with tangent lofts

Question asked by James Dalessandro on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by James Dalessandro

Hi all, I am having some trouble lofting these profiles so that they stay tangent and the end result is a smooth loft with continuity between surfaces. I created these lofts by making a surface, flexing it so that it bends 180 degrees, and offsetting it. Then I added planes and profiles for my lofts. The bottom portion, where the curve meets the flat section, it stays tangent there. That is a smooth transition.


However, the top, where it goes from the curve to an angled up straight section has a little bump between surfaces. It doesn't meet smoothly. This is pointed at by the arrow. It is strange because in the top view it doesn't bump out on the sides. Only from a side view is the bump visible. It is especially weird because my surfaces I used as guide curves/centerlines for my lofts are smooth and tangent. How can I make this transition between lofts smooth and tangent like the bottom section?

lookatthebump.pngtopview.pngfront view.pngskeleton.pngsideviewtangent.png