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Limiting a bend to a specific section of a part?

Question asked by Alex Berkowitz on Jun 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2015 by Alex Berkowitz

I'm designing a folding knife handle that is to be built from a single piece of metal. It features a frame lock, meaning there is a section of the frame that is bend inwards that acts as a safety lock for the blade once it's open. Normally these are simply cut during production and then bent afterwards, but due to the single-piece design there simply wouldn't be room to bend the piece properly. So instead I want to fabricate the part with the bend in place (I'm planning to 3d print it in steel). My problem is, I can't seem to find a way to limit any sort of bend operation to that one section of the handle. I've tried the flex bend feature but its limits aren't robust enough for this operation it seems. Is there another way I can create this part?bend.png

The highlighted section is what I intend to bend. The body has some soft curves that would be difficult to reproduce by sketching/extruding an angled piece, so I'm hoping to find a way to bend the piece as the last step.