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While in sketch mode for part, dimensions now appearing in boldface font for SW2015 (wasn't like this for SW2010).....

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jun 13, 2015
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Good morning All,

This may be a trivial question but I searched the web and couldn't find anything on this.  I recently upgraded from SW2010 to 2015 and now have noticed that when in sketch mode, my dimensions are now appearing to be boldface on the screen.  This is not a problem, more of an annoyance for me.  The fonts used to appear perfectly clear with my old version.  I haven't changed any of my proto templates so not sure why the font appearance on the screen would have changed.  My prints still come out looking clear, its just the screen.  My document font type isn't set to bold.  Any ideas would be appreciated as to what I need to change.  Thanks in advance!