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Question asked by Matthew Hiser on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by Ingvar Magnusson

Hello everyone,


I was creating a reference sketch within an assembly to check for clearances for an existing part. I used the measure tool on my assembly sketch to a face on a part within my assembly. What I got back from my measure tool kind of threw me for a loop. Instead of having the X, Y,and Z dimensions from my line to my selected face, my Nominal X dimension was shown in the opposite direction! It is the correct distance numerically from that line to the face, but visually it is unappealing. To check that my measure tool was working correctly I did select 2 part faces and measured the distance between them and the visual dimensions were oriented as they should, between the two faces like normal.


Any ideas how I can fix this problem? I attached a picture for reference. Thanks for the help!