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addin/plugin to create exportable tetrahedral meshes?

Question asked by William Carwile on Jun 12, 2015

I work for a forging company and have been tasked with creating a tetrahedral solid mesh from my models that I can use to import into our simulation software (Transvalor Forge). I was wondering if anyone knows of an addin/plugin that allows the creation and manipulation of a tetrahedral solid mesh that can be exported in one of the following formats. (.dat, .unv, .x_t, .dou, .may, .t.r, .t, .stp, .step, .x_t, .xt, .nas, .pat, or .msh) (Preferably .dat)


From my experience, you can only export the mesh from solidworks simulation as an entire project, not just an individual mesh. If anyone has any addins/plugins that would serve this purpose, that would be fantastic!



William Carwile