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How do I set up this Lifecycle in WPDM?

Question asked by John Wayman on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by Jeff Holliday

I am trying to set up Workgroup PDM to control a Revision Scheme and Lifecycle.

I have set up a test vault on my local PC and I am trying to get the Revision Scheme and Lifecycle settings in Vault Admin to work for me.


The Lifecycle and Revisions I want to have are as follows:

  • The CAD user is a member of the group ‘Users’ and creates a Solidworks Object. He checks the object into the vault at Revision  A-01-DRAFT. He can check the same object in as often as he likes, at A-02-DRAFT, A-03-DRAFT, etc. These check-ins are all at lifecycle status ‘In Work’.


  • Once he is satisfied with the object and wants to release it to manufacture, he checks it into the vault and changes the lifecycle status to ‘Pending’. At this point, the Revision and version are still at e.g. A-08-DRAFT. The ownership of the object is now automatically set to a user called ‘Reviewer’. The CAD user (member of the group ‘Users’) can no longer gain access to the object except in Read-Only form.


  • The user called ‘Reviewer’ checks out and opens the object and checks it. If it is OK, he checks it back in at a lifecycle status of ‘Released’ and at Revision A-08. If it is not OK, he checks it back in at a lifecycle status of ‘In Work’ and at Revision A-08-DRAFT.


  • Once the lifecycle status of an object is at ‘Released’, its ownership is set to ‘None’.


  • In the event of an engineering change, a member of the group ‘Users’ can take ownership of the released object and change its lifecycle status to ‘In Work’. In order to be able check it in, he must change the Revision and version to B-01-DRAFT.


  • Once the change is complete, he checks in the object at, e.g. B-03-DRAFT and changes the lifecycle status to ‘Pending’


And so on.


I would like members of the ‘Administrators’ group to be able to change pretty much anything.


I have tried a huge variety of combinations of settings in the Lifecycle and Revision Scheme tabs, but I can’t get it to do what I describe.


Are you able to help, please?


SW2014, SP5

Windows 7