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I have a 3D revolved curve, how can I attach it to a hollow cylinder?

Question asked by Cyrus Choi on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by Cyrus Choi

Hello All,

What I am doing is modeling a simple glass aneurysm model from an image.  I traced the outline of the image to create a 2D curve of the profile.  I imported the points to a curve and revolved it about its centerline to create a 3D structure.  I then shelled the structure to make it hollow.  Now I would like to attach this shell to a hollow cylinder, with an opening from the shell to the cylinder.  I am not exactly sure as to how to proceed.  I am pretty sure there is an easy way to merge these two items together so that they are "assembled" correctly.  I have tried the flex option and the deform option, but they do not seem to get me anywhere.  I have attached the shelled aneurysm that I would like to attach to a hollow cylinder.  The flow needs to be able to go from the cylinder to the aneurysm. I need to create this model so that I can run a simulation on the model. 


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.