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Lantek FLEX3D SW

Discussion created by David Parkinson on Jul 2, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by Athos De Souza
I have just started a new job today where my duties involvecreating sheet metal parts in Solidworks and using Lantek FLEX3D SW& Lantek Expert to do the nesting and toolpaths.  

The previous chap who worked there decided to leave a few weeksearly so I've been thrown in at the deep end somewhat,  theboss understands but really needs me to get some parts set upthrough Lantek so that they can be sent down to the plasma cutterfor cutting.

If one (or more) of you guys could give me a brief explanation,checklist, recipe...or whatever of how to make a sheet metal partin Solidworks and prepare and import it into Lantek, nest andcreate toolpaths using Lantek I would be very verygrateful.

So you know, I have a strong understanding of Solidworks, but nonewhatsoever of Lantek or any sheet metal CNC packages for thatmatter.  And remember, you can never dumb it down toomuch!!