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How to Change a Table Driven Pattern's Coordinate System with VBA API

Question asked by Jonathan Sterling on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by Simon Turner

Hi, first time posting so if I have done anything not by the book please let me know. I tried doing an extensive amount of research on the question I am proposing and have not had much luck, on the forum or off. I am hoping someone here can assist me.


I am working on a macro that takes a preexisting feature's sketch and moves it to a new location on the part file. The feature also has a table driven pattern child that needs to move as well (coordinate system).  Thus far I have been able to relocate the sketch to a new face and change the relations controlling the sketch entities. The issue I am having is finding anywhere that might discuss how to change the coordinate system in the table pattern to a separate coordinate system set for the other location. (There are two coordinate systems in the model for each location that the feature can be moved to).


Is there a VBA command for switching between these two coordinate systems or is there a better method I am not considering.


Thank you for any assistance with this matter.