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How to hide parts during flow simulation

Question asked by Andrew Dorscheid on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by Amit Katz

I'm trying to do a flow simulation out of a nozzle and into the atmosphere, and have succeeded with other parts, but am now having issues.  I used a previous nozzle that I made to get some of the basic geometry for the new nozzle by using convert entities, so now I basically have 2 nozzles on top of each other inside the one part file.  I tried deleting the previous nozzle since I'm not using it anymore, but since my sketches and other features depend on it SolidWorks won't let me.  So I guess I'm asking if there is a way to have the flow simulation only go through the one nozzle I made, or could I possibly move the new nozzle away from the first and just change my computational domain to go around only the new nozzle?  If so how would I do this?


Thank you in advance