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    Conditional template card display?

    Steve Soeder

      Is there any way to conditionally display template cards?

      I know in a template you can show multiple cards, but is there a way to conditionally choose which ones?




      Let's say I have 4 template cards: "COLOR", "APPLE", "BANANA", "GRAPE".

      If on template card "COLOR", i give the user a list containing "RED", "YELLOW", or "PURPLE" can I evaluate the value chosen to determine whether the next template card will be "APPLE", "BANANA", or "GRAPE"?

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          Charley Saint

          Hey Steve,


          Not really, but you can make a radio button drive a tab control that changes what's displayed on the card, thus combining 3 cards into one.

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            Steve Soeder

            Charley, if I have a different serial number on each tab, will it increment each one - or just the one on the visible tab?

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                Steve Soeder

                I got my answer - setup a test file.

                Yes the serial numbers increment.

                HOWEVER, if you use control logic to hide the control they are attached to, then the data is made inaccessible

                I say made inaccessible because it is not deleted.  I went into SQL Management studio and looked at the "VariableValue" table for the document in question - the value is there, it just can't be viewed or used.


                Here's what seems to happen.

                1)  File is added:  Variables are all set immediately.  Conditions are evaluated and controls are hidden.  Variables are populated and accessible -you can see them on the "preview" tab.  You can use them

                2)  If you change any field on the data card, conditions are re-evaluated and the variable data from the hidden controls is made inaccessible; it disappears from the preview tab, and it is not able to be evaluated in workflow transition conditions, input formulas, control logic, etc.


                Another instance of a stupidly frustrating EPDM behavior that boggles the mind. Was this intentional? if so, why? - what possible benefit could this have?  if not, can we please fix it???!!!