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    Error -2147220987 "tried to log in twice" using edmVault5.LoginAuto

    Steve Soeder

      Trying to get this Solidworks provided Add-in (tWip 60) to work.

      This is the line that is failing.

                  pdmVault.LoginAuto(strVaultname, Me.Handle.ToInt32())

      "pdmVault" is declared as type EdmVault5


      I'm trying to debug now and I can see in the locals window that the exception message is:
                "You tried to log in twice."

      And the error number is:

      Unfortunately the EPDM API documentation doesn't contain anything related to this error or how to troubleshoot it (at least not that I can find).

      I found a list of return codes and it looks like the epdm error could be 0x80040205 but unfortunately further searching on that code doesn't offer any help on how to fix it.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!

      Here are screenshots of the exception and the EdmVault5 object values at runtime.



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          Steve Soeder



          I made some changes to the Try/Catch structure to try to handle this specific exception and all of a sudden it went away.

          The TRY block executes without ever setting an exception now.


          Now the crazy part - I removed my changes - put it back to how it was, and it's executing.


          Nothing else changed server side or client side, so I'm really at a loss here.

          My best guess is that the add-in was a bad compile for my environment, and re-compiling it on my machine is what made it work.