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Why my section views losing the object lines of the parts being cut through?

Question asked by Terry Kasuboski on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by Matthew Lorono

I have been working on this one section view, every time I try to redo it for lines disappearing, it seems to get worse. I have to use the sketch option for a work around so that it even prints right.

I have tested my video with online Solidworks through the Rx option, and it passes. So is there something that I am missing or forgetting. The first was great, saved my work for the end of the working day, now that I reopened the file, lines are missing on the edges, and also have something imbedded that I cannot even figure out what is it cutting through to show up.

So I redid the section and it has not been the same since the very first time before saving.


Help please.





PS. It does not matter if it is going through the gear casing weldment or the pinion/shafts (round object), it all is the same.